Tingler Privacy Policy

Tingler operates as an ethical online provider of online social networking, support and dating services. As such, your data privacy is extremely importantant to us. Given the sensitive nature of the herpes condition, we strive to minimise the amount of personal information that we hold about you. The information we do hold is that required to allow us to offer you a support and match making service. Your personal information is never passed to third party companies. Your personal information includes:

  • Username
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Address (Country and Town only)
  • Email Address
  • HSV Type
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Your logged in geolocation (so that we can show profiles based on distance)
This privacy policy describes how we use the data that we hold about you. We give you full control over your profile information and the ability to delete your profile data. This is explained in more detail below. The personal profle information that we store about you in the main is that that you can see on the 'Manage Profile' section of the website. If you would like to see a full hard copy of this data, or have any other Privacy related questions please contact our Data Protection Officer by sending an email to with "Tingler Data Protection Officer" as the subject title for your email.

How we use the information that we collect

Personal profile data is provided by you when you sign up to our site. In addition to the information listed above, we encourage you to upload profile photos to encourage profile engagement and well as a profile description. This information is only shown to other registered members of the site. An annoymised excerpt of your profile description may from time to time also appear on the landing page, which is visible to the general public at large. We will never however disclose your username or show a profile photo on the landing page. Whilst we take all precautions to protect your data such as encrypting the data traffic between your browsers and our servers, and our data centre providers encrpyting data at rest, you are reminded that the profile information you post is availabe to other signed up members and therefore should be considered to be in the public domain. You should not submit information to Tingler that your are not happy about being in the public domain. Given the sensitive nautre of a users HSV status, users have the option of not disclosing their HSV status on their profile. By providing profile information, the site user (Member) concerned confirms his/her intention to make their profile data available to other site users.
This profile information is shown to other registered members of tingler. On the tingler landing page we may from time to time display your 'About You' text in an anonymised form to non-registered users of the site.

User verification We sometime ask users to verify that the person depicted in a profile matches the person using the account. This is done by asking users to upload a verification photo. Verification photos are never published on the site and are deleted together with all other user data when the profile is deleted either by admin or a user.

Site usage data such as the time of your last activity on our site is stored. We use this information to list profiles on our search listing page in last activity date/time order. We do this to encourage engagement between active users of the site. For site performance purposes we also keep an archive of the various pages visited by a user within the site.

Mail messages between you and another members are stored and will only be visible to you and the member you addressed the message to.

Email Address will be kept private at all times using reasonable care and never shown publicly or shared with other users. We also encourage you not to disclose your email to other users via our internal messaging system, or respond directly to request by a user to email them directly. This will help safeguard the privacy of your email identity. You can opt to recieve an email notification of messages your receive, as well as periodic generic Tingler notification emails. This is an opt in service, and you can opt out and back in at any time.

Telephone numbers We do not store nor ask for your telephone number and we advise you to never give this out to other users.

Event We allow members to list social events, and you can RSVP your attendance. If you RSVP your profile users name will be listed under the event, until the event date has passed. You can cancel your RSVP at any time, and your username will no longer appear under the event listing.

How you can manage your profile and the data that we hold about you

As an ethical website operator we give you full control over the management of your profile and profile data. We believe in the online 'right to be forgotten', one of the core principles of GDPR (Global Data Protection) laws. To manage or delete your profile settings please go the the 'Manage Profile' section of the website

Profile Data. Your profile data such as DOB, Sexual Orientation, HSV Status, Town and profile description can be updated in the Edit/Profile section.

Profile Visibility. Users can hide their profiles from other members at anytime. Hidden profiles will not appear to other users in the listing pages. Whilst a profile is hidden, users can only contact users on active email threads in the users inbox.

Manage Photos. Photos can be managed in the manage photos section. You can upload or delete exisiting photos. Deleted photos will be permanently deleted.

Messages. Message threads between member can be permanently deleted by either party in the message thread. Mail threads deleted will disappear from the inbox of both users.

Delete Profile. Users can fully delete their profile at any time after registration and ALL information that we hold about them. Profile data, uploaded photos, messages and activity archives will be permanantly deleted.

If you are unable to log into your account for whatever reason and you wish to delete your account please contact our Data Protection Officer by using the following Delete Account Request Form. Please include your username and the email address that you registered with in your request.

If you would like to receive an electronic copy of the data that we hold on your please log your request using the Data Request Form. We reserve that right to charge a £5 administration fee for multpile requests from the same user.

Communicating with you

When you register, you are given the opportunity to opt-in to receiving email notifications each time a user messages you, or from time to time notifications from Tingler site updates. You can opt-in or out at anytime by updating your preferences in the 'Manage Profile' section of the site.

Data security technology

We encrypt all traffic using the https protocol, and our data storage providers encrypt all data at rest. If you believe there has been a databreach please report your concerns to our data protection officer using the Data Breach Form.

Data retention

We realise that users of the site from time to time become inactive, and later return. To provide you with a continuation of serice we will hold your data whilst inactive up to a period of five years, unless you actively delete your profile yourself.