Dating Safety

Let's face it, the reason we are here is to meet others. Meeting someone is exciting and exhilirating but we all need to maintain caution and exercise judgement when exchanging messages or meeting offline. Review the following tips to help you stay safe whilst using Tingler.

Staying Safe Online

Don't Reveal Too Much
Keep your personal details personal and don't share too much identifying information in your profile or messages, particularly in the early days. Meeting someone you have chemistry with, especially online can lead you into a false sense of security.

Do not share information about your daily routine and places you visit. If you are a parent please limit the information that you share about your children.

Keep the Conversation on Tingler
Users who don't have the best intention often try and move the conversation onto another platform or offline. It's best to keep your early conversations on Tingler and Report any profiles that you feel are applying pressure to move the conversation off Tingler.

Never Share Financial Details
Never send money or share financial information with anyone. Scammers frequently target dating sites, with the aim of building trust online before asking for financial assistance often in the guise of an urgent emergency. Any request for money or financial information should be an immediate red flag and we ask you to Report such profiles.

The US Federal Trade Commission offers a very userful website for identifying romance scams.

Report Inappropriate Behaivour
Please Report any inapporiate or suspicious content or behaivour that violates our sites usage terms.

Some example violations that should be reported are:

  • Requests for money
  • Harassment, threats, offensive language in messages
  • Offensive profile images
  • Inappropriate or harmful behaviour during meets
  • Spam or unsolicited messages looking to promote external sites
  • User has used a fake profile

Some example of suspicous behaivour that should act as a red flag:
  • Claims to be local, but currently living, travelling or working abroad
  • Asking inappropriate questions
  • Appears to give vague answers to specific questions
  • Profile photos doesn't seem to match up to profile description
  • Disappears from site and then reappears under a new profile

Meeting In Person

Take Your Time
Take time getting to know the other person. Don't be afraid to ask tough questions. You have every right to ask as many questions to put your mind at ease for a potential meet. If a person is evasive with their responses then you may be onto something.

Meet and Stay Public
Meet for the first few times in a public place and stay in public. If your date pressures you to go to a private location end the date.

Tell a Friend or Family
Tell a friend of family member about your plans including where and when. Make sure you have enough charge on your phone for the evening

Know your Limits and Don't Leave Drinks Unattended
Be aware of the effects that drinks can have on you and your judgement. Never leave your drinks unattended and ensure that they have been poured infront of you.

It's OK to Leave if You Feel Uncomfortable
If for whatever reason you feel uncomfortable with the date its OK to just end the date. You have the right to leave if the date doesn't feel right.